The Nuts and Bolts of an International Legal Practice

INTRODUCTION Colleagues, it gives me great pleasure to bring today’s series of panel presentations to a close with a discussion on what our programme graphically notes as the “nuts and bolts of an international legal practice”.  Coming at this time …

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The Cell Structure: A New and Accepted Insurance Product

Most modern insurance jurisdictions now possess legislative frameworks which specifically make provisions for the ability of a body corporate to maintain separate accounts as well as to establish Segregated Cell Companies (“SCCs”). The focus of this framework has been to …

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Barbados and OECD Developments

THE JURISDICTION As a a low tax jurisdiction, Barbados has traditionally never considered itself to be part of the uncooperative tax havens as listed by the OECD over the past ten years in its primary and revised lists. For despite …

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Barbados: Trust and Resilience

Prologue Sir Henry A. A. Nicholls, (1851–1926) like many gentlemen of that era kept a diary. As a physician, horticulturalist, and a failed political candidate, he wrote extensively about his travels throughout the West Indies. Among other things, he wrote …

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Barbados: Insurance Domicile of Choice

Sir Trevor Carmichael, Q.C. at Chancery Chambers, discusses the systems within Barbados which make the island a choice insurance domicile.   View PDF